Can you change conveyancers during a transaction?

Purchasing a property is an experience both with joy and stress. A professional conveyancer will guide you step by step to settlement with high-quality services. In our previous article, we have discussed how to engage conveyancers and protect your rights.

In this short article, we will give you an overview of what to do if you are not happy with your conveyancer.

Raise the concerns to your conveyancer to seek resolution

Hiring a good conveyancer should always protect the client’s best interest and always be respectful and responsive to you. However, sometimes you may find your conveyancer is not that helpful. For example, if you are not able to contact your conveyancer and cannot obtain any necessary update and information, you may need to contact the supervisor of your conveyancer to raise your concerns or formally lodge a complaint. If you feel your rights are seriously violated, you can raise a complaint or dispute to the independent body that regulates conveyancers in Victoria, Consumer Affairs Victoria.  

Move to another conveyancer

If your concerns are still not resolved, then terminating your engagement with your conveyancer and finding a new conveyancer could be a good choice and is quite a simple process. The key step before you engage with a new conveyancer is to talk to your current one and advise that you wish to terminate your engagement with them. You should then instruct them to hand over your file to your new conveyancer, as your new conveyancer will generally need a file handover to best assist you (and avoid you needing to provide information and background all over again).

Checking fees that you need to pay for existing work completed

Fee structures and payment terms vary among conveyancers and your current conveyancer may be entitled to charge a portion of fees for the work they have already completed on your behalf. We advise you check the engagement terms with your current conveyancer to see what fees you may need to pay before you stop using their service. For example, your current conveyancer may charge you for works that they have already done for you, like reviewing a contract, ordering certificates, or preparing forms and documents. You may be able to negotiate these obviously if they have not performed their services to an acceptable standard.

Make sure you are comfortable with the terms you sign with the new conveyancer

Before signing engagement documents with a new conveyancer, it is important to review their service scope, fee structures, and make sure you are happy with those.

At Wealthsource, we provide high standards of service to assist with your property transaction. We are qualified and experienced professionals who can assure you through to a smooth settlement, and have taken over conveyancing work from other conveyancers on many occasions where our clients have been unhappy with their previous representative.

If you are considering engaging with a new conveyancer, feel free to contact us for an obligation free quotation and find out how we can help you.